Meet the first couple of NFT. MARIO found PRINCESS MYA and the two are unstoppable.

We are introducing a collection of 5,000 MARIO MILLIONS and 5,000 PRINCESS MYA unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT provides first access to future NFT collections and first access to MARIO MILLIONS Millionaire Fund launches. $MARIO holders will have first access to the collection.

Although the MARIO token is on Binance our NFT collection will be on Solana. This allows us to tap into the hottest NFT market right now. Proceeds from the MARIO NFT launch will be swapped to BNB to be used as either open market buy backs of MARIO or directly to liquidity.



Not your typical Launchpad. Alt Tokens, Moonshots (IDOs, ICOs, Launchpads) and Angel Investments are used to drive token value for MARIO.

Unlike other companies who do a Launch Pad our goal is Angel Investing and Early stage investing. The difference is that we receive stake in the company.

We will partner with early stage crypto startups and provide initial capital and development / design resources to get the project started. In return MARIO MILLIONS will be allocated 5-20% of the total supply.

Once liquidated funds are distributed either via open market buybacks of Mario Token or Reinvested in future Moonshots.

In addition you can buy private tokens to get in early before launch pad partners.

Within the first 90 days of launching Mario Millions we will launch the first 3 partners in our Millionaire Fund.


TRADE TO EARN, the more volume traded the more chances of winning.

DAILY PRIZE POOL: Play to earn is super-hot in crypto but wait till users try TRADE TO EARN. Every trade is an entry into the daily and weekly prize pools. The higher the trading volume for the day the more entries to win the DAILY PRIZE, a percentage of the pool tokens. The daily prize pool is determined by  the PREVIOUS DAY VOLUME.  This starts with a base threshold of USD 10k with a capped threshold of USD 1M of dollar traded volume. A dashboard will display the daily threshold for volume. Secondary incentives for breaking certain volume levels may also appear from time to time.

WEEKLY PRIZE POOL: 10% of the initial distribution is dedicated to the weekly prize pool and will vary in the form of contest and trading competitions. The circumstances of the distribution will change and eventually be decided by the DAO FORMATION. Ultimately the DAO will control the weekly contests!


Receive rewards simply for hodling MARIO.

4% TAX DISTRIBUTION: A low tax of 4% is applied to every transaction to keep the MARIO token viable and high performing. 4% is automatically rewarded to holders.

DAILY YIELD: Once a day, 10% of the supply will move from one wallet to another, incurring a tax of 2% on the move. This tax rewards all holders handsomely and encourages long-term holding as the daily yield is random.


MARIO DISTRIBUTION EXPLAINED: The token distribution happens slowly to create the most fair and transparent launch. The entire supply will be distributed in the first 90 DAYS.

Supply : 999,999,999
Ticker: MARIO
Tax: 4%
Liquidity Locked: 10 years