Barry Billions: $Barry

$BARRY is the second token launching within the Mario Millions token ecosytem.

Where $MARIO is a DAO token based out Wyoming, U.S. $BARRY is a DAO Token based out of Tanzania, Africa with a gaming license backed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania. $BARRY drives value for the $MARIO ecosytem in 2 ways.

INVESTMENTS: This protocol collects a tax to invest in alts and private / presale TOKEN PROJECTS during the pre-launch stages determined by the community DAO. Think of $BARRY as a hedge fund focused on crypto. Profits are distributed (1) between open market buybacks of $MARIO and $BARRY (2) Prize Pools (3) $BARRY Lottery.

LOTTERY: A fully decentralized lottery system enabled by smart contracts. $BARRY will be the largest DAO lottery system in the world. All code is immutable. Distributions are paid out (1) 65% Winners (2) 20% MARIO Tokens Ecosystem (3) 10% Tanzania Gaming Board (4) 5% Administration


MARIO DISTRIBUTION EXPLAINED: The token distribution happens slowly to create the most fair and transparent launch. The entire supply will be distributed in the first 90 DAYS..

Supply : 999,999,999
Ticker: MARIO
Tax: 2%

Daily Yield10%999,999,999
Weekly Prize10%999,999,999
Daily Prize10%999,999,999

💧STARTING LIQUIDITY:  Developer supplied and slowly distributed to prevent any type of malicious activity with 45% of the initial token supply distributed directly to QUICKSWAP after ONBOARDING..

✈️ONBOARDING/AIRDROP: ONBOARDING/AIRDROP: The 15% distribution funds the marketing campaign and generates the whitelist of users who complete specified task.

💵PRIZE POOLS: 20% funds the Gamified Trading within the first 90 days.

💰DAILY YIELD: Receives 10% of the allocation and the wallet is moved daily to reward holders.

🏦DEVELOPMENT: Receives an allocation of 5% spent over the first year to account for any development expenses outside the expertise of the in-house dev team.

🖥MARKETING: Receives 5% to keep the token healthy and thriving