MARIO MILLIONS is the first DAO retail platform. 100% of our designs, fabrics, marketing and pricing will be voted on by the DAO. Simply put our brands will be entirely decided by you.

πŸ‘•Think of Mario Millions as an omni-channel platform that will feature many of our owned brands as well as serve as a launch pad for lesser known streetwear brands. Our assortment will feature apparel for men, women and kids that will include everything from hats, hoodies, shirts, shoes and more.

πŸ’°By combining our streetwear brands with blockchain technology we will introduce crypto to millions of people for the first time. This positions us to drive $MARIO token value to over billions in market cap potential.

🌎Our entire supply chain will be operated using blockchain technology and smart contracts. We will be the first blockchain omni-channel platform end to end. During checkout our customers chose how they want to pay whether it be FIAT or a top 200 crypto currency.

πŸ–ΌEach product shipped will come with a NFT that can be staked for rewards. For those lucky enough they may receive a bag of $MARIO with their purchase.


Within the Mario Millions retail ecosystem we will have multiple brands. These brands are designed to address different consumers and demographics. Here is a preview of our 3 brands that we launch with. The designs below are for visuals only; all designs will be voted on by the DAO.

Mario Millions

Watson & Family Clothing

Hampton Comics


Our world class designers will provide mock ups, visual samples and tech packs to the DAO for voting. The DAO will be able to vote on the initial designs, all the details in the techpack from sizing to fabrics and pricing.


Each product shipped will come with a NFT that can be staked for rewards.

πŸ‘• Mario Millions and its brands will each have a unique NFT collection associated with its launch.

πŸ’΅ Each NFT collection has the potential to be staked for rewards. Once staked based on rarity holders are eligible for up to 100,000 in $MARIO.

πŸš€ EIP-988. The future will be filled with composable NFTs and MARIO MILLIONS will be among the first people to bring it to market in the form of an investment product.

πŸ₯‡ NFT holders also can stake their NFT to receive first access to future collections.